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Family Holiday in the Western Cape

The team at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve love the innocence and innate curiosity of children. Garden Lodge is not only child-friendly but is geared to provide riveting, educational and fun activities for your kids. It is the ideal family accommodation.

Grootbos is embedded in a natural haven in the Western Cape at the Southern tip of Africa. The pristine setting is enough to humble any adult and excite any kid with the colourful fynbos, petite animals and potential to explore. The décor of Garden Lodge is made cosy with the natural material – deep wooden floors, thatch roof, intricate stonework and a central fireplace to create a toasty ambience in the cool of the evening. The curving pool outside on the deck is the perfect opportunity for parents to lounge whilst the kids swim until their heart’s content.

It offers families the perfect setting to reconnect, but it also gives parents the opportunity to relax. While the parents take time to meander around the lodge or relish a spa treatment, there are specialised child-minders that will look after your young ones with the utmost care. There are plenty enticing activities to keep their busy bodies entertained. In Garden Lodge there is an Activities Room that hosts anything from books to games to keep them amused. However, we do encourage a lot of outdoor activities since the property is a beautiful 2500 hectare reserve that is the perfect catalyst for the imagination. The children can ride ponies, jump on a trampoline and swim with the sweeping views of the valley below.

Outdoor Activities

There are several activities that will stimulate curiosity and creativity. Through Grootbos Foundation there is an organic farm on the property where fresh produce is grown. The children are only too excited to help collect eggs for their breakfast from our free-range chickens. There is also play area where the kids can find entertainment and feed the horses. They can bemuse themselves for hours here and sometimes only venture out when it is time for food. We have many little animals to play with as well. There are fluffy bunnies to be cuddled and fed, a domestic pig and ducks roaming about. At all times there is a specialised minder to supervise.

There are ventures that we are sure will teach your loved ones about our unique eco-system while keeping big smiles on their faces. One of these ventures is a trip to the beach where they can find pretty shells and explore the limestone caves lining our coast. We also take them to one of our many rock pools for a splash in a natural setting. Another adventure is when the guides organise a thrilling treasure hunt in the Milkwood Forest. These ancient trees have branches hanging to the ground that create a canopy over the entire pathway. As we play we also teach them about the web of life and how every organism is connected. There are many petite animals that can grab the attention of the younger ones; from porcupines, golden moles, bushbuck, Barthroated Apalis, Cape Batis to the Rameron Pigeon. We try and impart the golden lesson of how to treat nature with respect but also encourage any cool findings (shells, porcupine quills) to be brought back to the Activities Room to be identified. Sometimes from these findings we take time to make a picture frame or create bracelets from shells. It not only keeps their minds busy but is also a great souvenir of their time here with the Grootbos family.

Luxury Family Accommodation

The suites at Garden Lodge are luxurious. The Two-Bedroom Luxury Suites have spacious rooms, supreme comfort and breath-taking views. The cuisine is absolutely exquisite as the chefs cook mouth-watering gourmet meals for the adults and supply a menu that is more kid-friendly for the young ones. There are also snacks provided with all the activities to ensure a healthy body and to maintain the high levels of energy.

Grootbos is the ultimate luxury family holiday in South Africa where children come first. All families are welcomed with warm hearts and open arms.