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Luxury with a difference

Couples can discover true indulgence at Grootbos, a 5-star eco-resort that prides itself on its exceptional service and lavish interiors whilst having the peace of mind to initiate positive endeavours for the community and environment.

There are two exquisite lodges but Forest Lodge is considered the honeymooners dream because of the combination of modern angles, influence of the natural elements and because it is perfectly nestled in an ancient Milkwood forest for total privacy. The setting makes you feel like you are in a secret location where time stops, the only indication of time will be the enthralling sunsets that elicit passionate colours across the sky. All luxury suites have a four-poster bed, walk-in cupboard, modern lounge, a spacious en-suite bathroom, an outside shower and a private deck overlooking the beautiful expanse of Walker Bay Nature Reserve. The honeymoon suite includes a private pool as an added luxury. Once you have indulged in the interior comforts of your self-standing suite you and your partner can indulge in an exquisite gourmet cuisine. This is all included in the accommodation fee as well as land-based activities. Couples can take a romantic picnic on one of the secluded beaches, stroll hand-in-hand through an enchanting forest, take a 4x4 flower safari and horse ride across the wide open spaces awash with the vivid colours of the fynbos. There is also a Forest Spa where the skilled hands of a masseuse can offer treatments like Japanese shiatsu, foot reflexology or a Full Body Couple Massage.

Leading the forefront in Eco-Tourism

Through dedication, hard work and a deep-seated passion for the fauna and flora of the reserve, Grootbos has been a pioneer in identifying unknown plant species, conserving the biodiversity of the area and creating Grootbos Foundation. The family behind Grootbos made an unshakable pledge to give back to the community and the environment. Guests can see these efforts first hand through the Social Responsibilities tour. A guide will enthusiastically take you through the organic farm maintained by the students of Growing the Future. The fruit and vegetables are cared for by eight unemployed women from the township, they are educated through the Foundation for a year where they learn the principles of organic farming, beekeeping and life skills. To sustain the program the 5-star restaurants on Grootbos actually purchase the fresh produce in support of the college and to ensure only the freshest ingredients is used. Once guests have smelt the herbs and tasted some of the juicy fruit, you can make your way to Green Futures. This is a horticulture and life skills college that opens up possibilities for twelve unemployed members of the community. Guests are welcome to get their fingers dirty and join in the jovial ambience at these destinations filled with hope for a brighter future.

Couples can take a flower safari through this lush reserve to learn more about the intricate web of life. Fynbos is a fire-adapted vegetation that has a very unique symbiotic relationship with the surrounding nature that will be sure to intrigue. The flowers of the fynbos are incredibly alluring and entice birds, butterflies and insects that add to the colourful tapestry. A romantic gesture that would also be a direct contribution to the environment would be to get your hands dirty and plant a Milkwood tree. You and your loved one can donate money towards planting a tree that will contribute to the already 1600 indigenous trees that have been planted through the Foundation. Milkwoods are exceptional because of their length of life; they can live for almost 1000 years! Planting this tree will not only offset your carbon footprint but be a testament to your bond for centuries. If you want to take part in the planting you can always enjoy a spa treatment afterwards for a manicure that will have your hands looking beautiful once again.