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Eco-tourism at its best

Unlike many luxury resorts with dubious claims of being eco-friendly, Grootbos has been making environmental amends to the surrounding area since its inception in 1991.

This 5 star Private Nature Reserve is set on the Agulhas Plain in the Cape Floristic Region in the southernmost region of South Africa. The reserve is 2500 hectares that hosts more than 750 species of fynbos (as recorded), three large forests and birds endemic to this region. The significance of Grootbos is that it is sitting on a rare ecological diamond. The three Milkwood forests on Grootbos are half of all the Milkwood forests in the world while the majority of the fynbos is on South Africa’s IUCN Red Data List because they face extinction. Thus, the conservation efforts of Grootbos have been absolutely vital in conserving, protecting and rehabilitating the biodiversity of this majestic region filled with rare fauna and flora.

Grootbos Foundation was established in 2005 as the non-profit extension of Grootbos that carries out the challenging task of conserving the unique biodiversity and educating the locals. There are three programs that promote sustainable tourism by uplifting members of the local community through education and creating opportunity. Two of these initiatives educate members for an entire year and they learn about the unique properties of their homeland. Green Futures provides landscaping services conducted by the previously unemployed local community members while Growing the Future focuses on empowering woman with the principles of organic farming. Through selling the fresh produce and providing services the Foundation has become self-sustainable so that it can flourish and can continue to subsidise new students. Grootbos has exercised forward thinking to ensure effective conservation so that the natural landscape can earn its keep. The guests at Grootbos contribute to this by staying at Grootbos, and to offset their carbon footprint guests can buy an indigenous tree to be planted in our growing forest.

Making a difference in style

These values and innovative thinking have been carried through to the luxurious side of Grootbos. We want people to come and experience the unique beauty that Grootbos is perched on and enjoy their stay in absolute indulgence. The luxury resort caters for every whim with a delectable cuisine, exquisite wine, impeccable service, thrilling activities, and suites that emanate lush living. Garden Lodge and Forest Lodge are both tastefully decorated whilst maintaining a naturalistic element that adds to the overall serenity.

For a one-of-a-kind experience in a luxury eco-resort that will be impossible to forget, come to Grootbos.