Settiing Views Sunsets

04 January

Sweeping Views from Bed and Bath

Putting Life in Perspective

It was the incredible view that first captured Michael Lutzeyer’s heart and convinced him to buy the original Grootbos property in 1991.

From the very first second that he stood amongst the dense, ancient Milkwood forests looking out over a vast sea of flowering fynbos to the sparkling ocean in the distance, he knew he had found paradise.

It is this magnificent view that greets you as you walk through the doors of Grootbos and is ever present for the duration of your stay. To wake up in the morning, slide open the glass doors and take a deep breathe of the crisp ‘champagne’ air as you look out over the rolling green plains is to flood the senses and revitalise the soul. It often feels as though you’re literally floating above the fynbos on an island of comfort and luxury.

The Grootbos lodges and suites have been designed to accentuate and frame the sweeping, panoramic views from just about every point and angle. As time passes, the shades and hues transform the grand canvas anew. The subtle interplay of sky, ocean, mountain and earth inspires the highest qualities of the human spirit and invites contemplation on the cyclic rhythms and boundless majesty of nature.

A Thousand Brilliant Sunsets

Not only is Grootbos blessed with a view of glorious natural splendor, it is also fortuitously orientated to enjoy uninterrupted views of the setting sun over the ocean. This means that Grootbos gets sunlight till the very last moment before the sun dips behind the vast horizon.

Every day ends in yet another brilliant display of colour and light, each unique from the one before, announcing the impending nightfall and the emergence of the moon and stars – a spectacle of natural splendour in its own right.

Sunset over Forest Lodge

04 January

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