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Mandela Day 2013

The Mandela Day Pledge 

July 16, 2013 

I, one link in this human chain, pledge to do all I can to build an undivided South Africa free from poverty as envisioned by Nelson Mandela.

I will observe and study his conduct and seek to emulate his actions that have helped to bring peace to our country. A simple smile, a handshake, kindness, a listening ear, encouragement, spreading hope, giving a helping hand, taking action, not tearing down another – that is the Madiba way.

I reject the prophets of doom and gloom who seek to divide us and place our focus only on the ugliness that forms part of our lives.

Instead of focusing on ugliness and hatred, I choose to focus on beauty and love.

By doing this, I will have the strength to deal with the difficult challenges that I face to make Madiba’s dream a reality. I am committed to being the best person I can possibly be. The stronger I am the more I can help heal my family and my neighbourhood.

I am committed to the values of our constitution which says that our country belongs to all who live in it. We have in Madiba one of the world’s greatest leaders. It is not always in the life of a people that they are so blessed with inspirational and visionary leadership.

Madiba’s maternal side is KhoiSan, the earliest people who lived at the Cape, at least 2000 years ago. His paternal side is Xhosa, whose people intermingled with the khoisan over many centuries.

The merging of these two strong human strands has given us a man who has not flinched in his resolve to set free his people.

I commit to encourage all of those I come into contact with to study and emulate his conduct so that we draw on the positive example he has set for us and never forget that our fragile psyches need nurturing and tenderness to bring healing to this tortured nation.

I am proud of how far we have journeyed on the road to self-determination as a people and will continue always to be inspired by his example.

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