A Very Quick Hello From Eden

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 3rd October 2011

It has been a really hectic week! The trip was good. Celina, Azukile and Mlindeli were so chuffed with the entertainment on the plane! The drive to Cornwall went well, they slept the entire way.

They were really tired, the travelling certainly exhausted them. We basically didn't sleep for 24hrs before landing at Gatwick. It was about 10am once the car was organised, so we arrived at Eden late afternoon after a lunch stop & then another very short coffee break for the driver.

All is well. The farm is very pleasant & comfortable. The team has settled well & are enjoying their tasks. They worked together for 3 days last week, one day in each Biome, but will now go their separate ways. I have organised for Celina to spend time not only at the nursery but also in the retail department which will help her with maintaining plants for sale.

Eden is positively amazing & everyone extremely helpful & friendly.

This weekend I took them to Carlyon Bay & Pentawen on Saturday, & yesterday we drove to Fowey & took the ferry across to Looe. This was the highlight for the team! They couldn't believe we could take the car across the river. The countryside is spectacular & the towns really lovely. They enjoyed the beaches too. We brought really good weather with us to the UK. It's been sunny warm all week, perfect weather & all the locals are out in full force in their beach attire having a ball. I believe it had been quite miserable before we arrived. Let's hope it lasts, but a change is predicted soon.

Last night was a treat at the local pub, also a hit. And we met two South Africans, who after hearing my accent, came over to chat to us.

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