1st Dibanisa group for 2012 has kicked off!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 15th February 2013

The first Dibanisa group for 2012 kicked off last Friday! Twenty children from the local Masakhane soccer team have been selected to participate in this term’s programme.

We started our programme at Green Futures, where Christoff (one of Grootbos’s guides) did the introductory lesson. Christoff told the kids about the two main ecosystems in and around Gansbaai, i.e. marine and fynbos, and showed the kids flowers from the Fynbos and shells from the sea.

Christoff set up two games of Jenga and made a list of elements found in the fynbos and the other in the marine. To start, each boy had to choose an element from the board which was then ticked off by Hanna, one of our volunteers.

He told the boys why that element is important in the ecosystem. Then the boys had to remove a block from the Jenga stack. As the boys removed blocks, the ‘ecosystem’ became more and more unstable until it eventually collapsed.

To end off the lesson, the kids played games with Bulelani.

Thanks to Christoff and Hanna for presenting the lesson and Bulelani for playing games with the kids. We would also like to thank Viola for transporting the kids to and from their lesson. Their next lesson will take place at Green Futures where they will learn more about plants.

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