A busy week at Green Futures!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 2nd February 2012

Our Green Futures students have had a busy week!

On Tuesday, the Green Futures students went out with Sharlene to make cuttings of the various species Proteaceae species that we have on Grootbos.

The students picked Leucospermum patersonii (silver edge pincushion) Leucadendron tinctum (spicy cone bush), Leucadendron salignum (common sunshine bush), Protea obtusifolia (bredasdorp protea), Protea cynaroides (king protea) as well as Mimetes cucullatus (common pagoda) for propagation.

The students took the cuttings back to the Green Futures nursery, where Celina showed the students the correct propagation technique for each species! The question on everybody’s minds … “Will they root?”

On Wednesday, our students undertook their first outing for 2012! They visited Sean, who was busy with a rehabilitation/landscaping job at the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, where he was only allowed to use plant species endemic to the area. Sean chatted to the students about plant selection and what they were busy doing.

The students then visited the Harold Porter Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay, where they learnt more about fynbos and what it takes to manage a botanical garden.

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