A 'Thank You' from Khaya

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 14th February 2011

Kaya was part of our 2005/2006 class at Green Futures! Khaya has been busy with his vegetable garden in Longmarket Street Stanford, which he started in the middle of last year and grows spinach, beetroot, cabbage and carrots. Khaya is looking forward to the extention of the vegetable community project in Stanford in conjunction with last year's graduates from Growing the Future!

This lovely letter was part of the December 2010 Stanford River Talk

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the last six years of my growth and development. I came to Stanford in March 2004. Since then I have been involved with Green Futures, Stanford Village Forum, Stanford Houseing Development Cooperative, Stanford Football Association and the Community Police Forum.

I must say that Stanford has made me a better person in all sorts of ways.This letter has been inspired by the support I have been getting since we started the vegetable project. Stanfordians have gone out of their way to donate seeds, seedlings, and buy vegetables that I am selling at the Saturday market. I have received positive comments about the project.

Special metnion goes to Howard Knut for injecting his 'let's just do it' attitude, Sally Filmer for her support, Sprokies for Africa Foundation represented by Marga and Frans, Mariana Esterhuizen who has shared a lot of her gardening experience, Peter Bysshe from whom I learned a thing or two about painting, Tobi Nittel - a few things started to happen since he became involved.

There are a few families I would also like to thank. Ouma and Oupa Ivey have me feel like I am at my Grandma's house when they are feeding me sandwiches and pleading me to eat. Thank you also to the Friths, the Hoffmans and the Hunters. If I have left anyone out, I am sorry!

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