Eden Update

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 25th October 2011

We continued to have fun whilst learning at Eden! Please enjoy more of our Eden Stay with us!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at Lisa's home in Newquay where she cooked a most delicious meal for us. Thanks so much Lisa for your great hospitality.

Azukile wanted to make Lisa a gift so he constructed her a house that came in kit form. Here we see the beginning of the project.

Four nights of hard work & the amazing house was complete. Here we see a justly proud Azukile holding up his handiwork. Lisa was bowled over by his thoughtfulness & competence. Well well done Az!

In the Mediterranean Biome work shed with Eden staff, at the start of the day.

Celina showing her competence to Matt whilst pruning citrus trees.

Mlindeli tidying up before opening time.

Azukile looking very pleased with his morning accomplishments

A storyboard in the South African section of the Mediterranean Biome

A vista showing the South African display. It was great to see so many of our plants displayed so beautifully in a very authentic landscape, in such excellent condition & flowering prolifically.

Chillies, chillies & more chillies. A very comprehensive display of the enormous varieties of chillies with details about each species, including their "hot" rating

Fabulous animal sculptures in the cork tree display area.

More fun sculptures. This one of The Rites of Dionysus was a great source of amusement to the team!

One of the many fun artworks found all over Eden

This area in the Biome is set aside for numerous activities which include storytelling, twice a day each day, singers & musicians strutting their talents, which is so very pleasant as the sounds can be heard throughout the Biome, puppet shows etc. There is a small restaurant adjacent to this spot as well so it is a wonderful area to rest & recharge ones batteries whilst being entertained by a variety of talented people.

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