House Kukama Complete!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 22nd February 2011

We are very pleased that we have completed a large landscaping project! House Kukama (situated at Benguela Cove) was completed under the guidance of Franchesca Watson Bräsler.

We started House Kukama in November 2010 with our 2010 Green Future students as one of their last projects and completed with our new 2011 students as one of their first projects.

The project consisted of an indigenous garden in clay Renosterveld soils. We started with soil improvement and levelling and ended with planting indigenous shrubs and grasses. We also planted search and rescue plants that were collected before the house was built, as well as installing a roof garden.

We would like to thank Joan and her Green Team and Sharlene, Susan and the students for their hard work, making the installation possible!

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