Green Futures look at De Kelders gardens

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 9th February 2011

On the 24th of January, the Green Futures students went to De Kelders to have a closer look at all the aspects of gardens and gardening. We looked at different garden styles and some interesting aspects of the different gardens. Each learners had to choose the style he/she liked the most and made a drawing of the garden!

Green Futures Salmonsdam outing

On the 27th of January, the students were taken to Salmonsdam for an outing.

In order to to work efficiently in the environment of Fynbos, the first thing we must do is to learn about Fynbos. The best way to learn about a vegetation type is see where it grows. On the 27th we went to Salmonsdam (located 20km away from Stanford) to go and experience fynbos. Sean explained why and where we get fynbos.

While we were walking, he explained all of the different aspects of Fynbos,why Fire is so important to fynbos, the different families in Fynbos and many more interesting fact about fynbos .
After our walk, the students were given a chance to digest all of the facts, relaxed, 'braai'ed their 'boerewors' for nice hotdogs, played a bit of soccer and had a nice swim in the pool!


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