Green Futures Participates in Flower Show

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Candice Bresler on 10th July 2012

During the recent 'Fees van die Ganse' which was held in Gansbaai recently, the Green Futures team were asked to set up an alien vegetation display.

The theme of the display was 'Aliens are Trash'. Susan, Sharlene and the students set up the stall with examples of the predominant alien vegetation which occurs in the Walker Bay region.

These include Acacia cyclops (Rooikrans), Acacia saligna (Port Jackson), Passerianthus lophantha (Stinkbean), Leptospermum laevigatum (Australian Myrtle), Eucalyptus spp (Gum species) and Pinus spp (Pine species).

Also included in the display were the various ways in which the alien species can be eradicated.

Alien vegetation poses a threat to our endemic fynbos species and it is therefore important to control the aliens in order to preserve our biodiversity!

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