Green Futures visits the Karoo National Botanical Garden

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 5th October 2012

Susan and Sharlene took their Green Future students to the botanical garden in the Karoo. During the drive, the students had a great view of the changing scenery. A guide of the botanical garden gave us a tour for almost two hours.

It was important to show the students the difference between the fynbos they are working with and these plants that grow in a more arid area. The guide knew a lot of interesting facts about the succulents and the plants they have in their garden.

Time and weather have also been right to see the amazing spring flowers. She showed them parasite infestations, the maze they built for children, how to distinguish between similar looking flower species, in-depth facts about several plants and that you can eat ‘spekboom’ like elephants do.

The students were very enthusiastic and tried to get involved as much as possible. The botanical garden also built all paths and the restaurants with the stone that is found in this area. At the end, the guide showed us their plants collection which is enormous.

Here, rare and endangered species are tried to be protected and propagated. It was great to see all the different species at one single location. After a nice lunch in their beautiful park, we headed back.

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