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Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 9th February 2011

The Grootbos Foundation is looking forward to an exiting year ahead! Our Green Futures and Growing the Future projects have selected their new students for 2011! One of our 2010 students, Yolisa, was so inspired by her visit to the Eden project last year, that she has initiated an exiting project on Grootbos. Yolisa will be running a Spaza Shop on Grootbos selling the products of the Growing the Future project to staff and other clients and we look forward to seeing its growth and progress!

For those of you that don't know, we are involved in the following main projects:


Our Green Futures College is a unique project that provides an annual, practical-based training programme for unemployed people in the fields of fynbos landscaping, horticulture and ecotourism. The project is designed to develop nature-based sustainable livelihoods for people from the local community, and so engender conservation ethic in surrounding areas. The purpose of the college is to create a source of qualified, previously disadvantaged garderners, landscapers, nurserymen and ecotourism guides. Not merely individuals who simply tidy gardens, but highly trained individuals who can go on to develop a career in a fynbos based industry.


Following the success of the Green Futures model, the Grootbos Foundation embarked on a new project to further our commitment to developing the local community. Growing the Future is all about food production and trains 8 women each year in the growing of vegetables and fruit, beekeeping and the principles of successful animal husbandry. It is also important to us that the women have some exposure to, and learn the principles behind successful business. This will form a large part of the life skills component of the course, which will also include computer literacy, health education, numeracy and English.


The vision of the Gansbaai sports programme is to give young people who are deprived of sporting facilities the opportunity to play sport, learn about the environment and integrate - as team mates - with the other communities on the sports fields.

The Soccer Foundation also has exiting plans for 2011. A training and development programme will be implemented to train youth coaches in and around Gansbaai.

In partnership with the Grootbos Foundation and Dibanisa, we will be launching an environmental education programmed in 2011. The programme will take a new group of pupils every term, taking 80 pupils through the programme in one year.

A girl's soccer project will also be introduced. 1.FCC Frankfurt (one of the most successful women's football clubs in Germany) will be supporting the girl's soccer project in Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus. Coaching will take place once or twice a week for each of the girl's teams.


Following the devastating 2006 fire that destroyed Forest Lodge and much of the ancient milkwood forest behind the Lodge, The Grootbos Foundation embarked on a forest rehabilitation programme. Young, indigenous saplings grown in the Green Futures nursery on Grootbos are being planted by guests as a handsome contribution to conservation and forest rehabilitation. Tree planters receive a certificate as well as the GPS co-ordinates of the tree they sponsored. The tree's growth and development can be followed on Google Earth via our website (

The Grootbos Foundation would like to wish all of our new students luck for the year ahead! We look forward to sharing our stories and progress with you!

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