Banana Circle for Growing the Future!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 21st April 2011

With the water getting more scarce at Growing The Future, we are looking at different ways to use our water optimally. One way is to use grey water to grow plants. Grey water is water used for cooking and washing, but not from the toilet. Some plants, like bananas, thrive in this water. To use this water source, we created a Banana circle or pit, which makes use of the grey water from the main house.

We dug a pit one meter deep and made the circle three meters in diameter. For good drainage, we made a container full of holes and packed stone around it. We threw all kinds of organic matter into the pit, which will turn into beautiful compost! Because it is so windy, we planted wild bananas and one normal banana plant around the pit because wild bananas are more tolerant of wind.

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