Growing the Future Harvests Organic Potatoes

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 22nd November 2012

Planting potatoes is an easy and fun activity at Growing the Future. The ladies learnt about how to prepare potatoes for planting and how to plant them. By now, they know that this is the easiest crop you can grow. You can eat potatoes to improve your appetite and they cleanse your skin as well.

We harvested lots of potatoes already by the beginning of February this year and our biggest potato weighed 515 grams. We have a second lot again that we planted in the middle of July; our biggest one weighs 600 grams!

The ladies also cooked mashed potatoes and had it for lunch!

They are very proud of what they learnt and will put this into practice or develop the potato cultivation in the local communities. They will also be able to use the skill as source of income, to improve the standard of living and can afford to let their children go to school.

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