Growing the Future visit Farm215

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 18th August 2011

Our ladies enjoyed the visit so much!

Dianne first gave us a lesson about nutrients and the symptoms of deficiency. She showed the ladies different kinds of affected plants through demonstration;

then she took us on a walk through the garden to see what plants look like when there is lack of a nutrient.

At the same time we walked through the garden where there are cultivated beds. We saw beds with spinach, beetroot, barley etc. The bed borders are created by old bricks found in the garden. She also showed us how she had planted potatoes with cardboard, then organic matter, manure and mulching. They used compost made from food scraps and yard waste.

They designed their own dam and drip irrigation as well. Another interesting thing we were shown is that they are building a guest house and a house where the soup will be made for the guests. The houses are made up of the clay bricks they made themselves. We saw the pile of clay soil, the bricks and the machine they use to make the bricks.

After the garden tour, we walked up to the big dam and across a river to the waterfall!

The ladies had a wonderful time and learnt a lot about the excursion. They gave a very big thank to Dianne and she will give lessons once a week about gardening and permaculture at the Growing the Future Project!

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