Growing the Future visits Jakkalskloof

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 7th December 2012

On the 22 of November we visited Jakkalskloof, one of John Raimondo’s farms near Swellendam. They use permaculture principles to become self- reliant. Linda and Gram guided us through the farm showing what they have done and what they are planning to do.

They showed us their permaculture gardens, chicken cage, stables, propagation house, fruit trees and field crops where they cultivated mealies, sweet potatoes and sorghum.

What we liked the most was their future plans. It was very much interesting to hear about what they want to do next. They have more sites to use for building places like a restaurant, a place of relaxation, meditation, classes and an eco- village. We wish them the best in all what they are planning to do!

The ladies were very excited about the visit and they learnt a lot this year. Our ladies’ time at Growing the Future is drawing to a close. They have learnt a lot during the last year and their future too has grown! What is left for them to do is to show the world, shake the skills out of their hands and use them.

Thanks to Linda, Gram and John Raimondo for giving us the opportunity to visit your project! We have learnt a lot and hope that you will come and visit us too!

Viola Siyotywa

Growing the Future: Life Skills Trainer.

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