Growing the Futures visits the Sustainability Institute

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 2nd May 2012

Yesterday, the Growing the Future team, (comprising of eight students, two staff members and two researchers), went on an informative, fun and inspirational trip to the Sustainability Institute (SI) outside Stellenbosch. We were guided trough their famous eco-village, visited their chef school, had a nice lunch at their “Green Café” and finished off the trip visiting organic farmer Eric’s inspirational gardens.

We were all fascinated to learn about their green household solutions, being shown everything from clay-brick making, to black and grey water recycling systems, waste recycling and gardening. The Institute always has the positive development of the local community in mind and tries its best to empower and create work opportunities for their locals. SI also provides for afterschool activities for children and an acclaimed annual chef school for 12 economically disadvantaged youth. Students and staff were both impressed by their efforts.

After lunch we headed to Eric’s farm. Eric grows organic vegetables for an array of different customers. He cultivates his land with his six Nguni cattle and showed us HIS techniques for fruitful organic farming. Eric also gave us valuable advice on how to run a successful business from vegetable farming.

Thank You SI for a great outing! We are looking forward to seeing you soon on OUR farm!

The Growing the Future Team

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