Meet Anchelle, one of our students at Growing the Future

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 10th August 2012

Meet Anchelle, one of our Growing the Future students. Anchelle is one of the eight women learning and working at the Grootbos Foundation's organic gardens. Growing the Future provides the students with a practical learning environment which aims to develop the skills necessary for creating healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

Thanks to the dedication and energy of students like Anchelle, guests at Grootbos can enjoy organic vegetables, fresh honey and free-range eggs all the while enjoying the 5 star comforts Grootbos has become renowned for.

I'm Anchelle Damon and I am 26 years old.
I am from Stanford and stayed there all my life. I came to Growing the Future in January, ever since then my life changed very drastically. I am very cautious of what I eat and I am making sure that I eat at least one or two healthy meals a day.

The veggie growing part of the course I enjoy the most, because I am energetic and I love to see how a small seed can become a carrot or a cabbage that can feed a household. I love the lectures as well and I understand how the soil works for us and how we can fertilize soil without harming it.

I have gained soo much confidence this year that I want to study agriculture and become a teacher myself!

Thank You!

Anchelle Damon

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