More Organic Food at Growing the Future!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 14th February 2012

Dianne has been working hard at teaching our ladies how to make healthy food from the Growing the Future veggies!

Last week Dianne taught us how to make 'Potjiekos' and quiche from the vegetables in our garden!

Our Traditional Potjiekos dish
We made a traditional 'potjiekos' for lunch with our vegetables. People believe that this can be made just with meat into the 'potjie' and with different spices to make it nice or delicious. Rosemary and bay leaves were the only items we used for our stew to make the flavour.

Carrots, onions, peppers, butternut, turnip, cabbage and daikon radish were mixed in the potjie.

Basil, sage, and thyme were added when it was cooked.

It does not mean we don%u2019t like meat but we wanted to try something different by using just the organic ingredients we could get from our own garden. The result is a healthy and delicious vegetarian potjiekos!

Our salad was made out of spring onions, wild rocket, beetroot leaves, mizuna, spinach, pakchoi, edible flowers like fennel, lucerne and sunflower.

We blended raw eggs, tulbaghia (wild garlic), vinegar, salt, pepper, a little bit of oil and honey for our sauce.

Dianne also showed us how to make a quiche from the vegetables we%u2019ve grown in our garden.

The base was made out of brown bread flour.

The filling was made with grated carrots, baby marrows, butternut, onions, tulbaghia (wild garlic), rosemary, bay leaves, thyme, eggs and tomatoes.


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