Out of Adversity Come Great Things

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 10th June 2011

As the new project manager of the Growing the Future project, I am extremely excited by the the challenges that lie ahead! I have been part of Jaco's team since the beginning of this project and was sad to hear that he had decided to leave us after two years of great work.

Some might say that our project has fallen on hard times!

Firstly, our leader Jaco, who obtained a Master degree in Agricultural Science from the hallowed University of Hohenheim in Deutchland, has left us in search of greener pastures. Stricken by drought and without access to monetary funds, we were forced to sell our pigs to buy pig food. As the cold sets in and our potato crop lies decimated by Potato Tuber Moth, someone could dubt that will we be able to survive another icy winter.

But not I; I see exiting times ahead and a bumper season of veggies, herbs, eggs, honey, jams, preserves and much much more...

Log on to our blog and we'll keep you updated!


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