4th Dibanisa group for 2012 kicks off!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 17th October 2012

Last week saw the start to our new Dibanisa group for this term with learners from the Okkie Smuts Primary school in Stanford. We were met with a few familiar faces and were given a warm welcome! We met the group at the school and our original plan of taking them onto the ‘common’ was railroaded due to heavy rain which fell last Tuesday! We found a spot at the school where the kids started off by completing a pre-test to see what they knew. Susan did her introductory lesson, telling the children what to expect during the next 7 weeks.

Susan started her lesson by explaining that the world we live in consists of various levels, starting with the soil, then plants, then animals and then humans right on top which she represented using cups. She asked one of the girls to remove one of the cups representing soil and asked the kids what happened to the humans? The answer was that the humans fell the hardest.

Susan told the kids that they will be learning more about the two main ecosystems in the Gansbaai area i.e. fynbos and the marine environments and completed a puzzle representing these two environments.

While we were busy with the older kids, Bulelani and two of the volunteers entertained some of the younger children with a game of soccer!

It was then the turn of the older kids, but before that all of the kids participated in game. The kids then participated in a game of football!

We look forward to seeing the kids again next week!

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