Dibanisa Camp: Die Bron Primary School

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 29th November 2011

The last Dibanisa group for 2011 ended off with a camp at Fynbos Retreat. We collected the kids from school on Saturday morning and set off. The kids were shown to their rooms, where they each chose a spot to sleep, after which they set off to explore.

After lunch, we set off on a hike, led by Rozier.

We walked through the milkwood forest. Rozier showed us the ‘eye’ where the water which supplies the dam springs from.

We left the forest to walk through the Fynbos. Rozier led us past the old farm rubbish dump, which was created many years ago, and showed us pieces of plastic, which are still intact after 6 years.

Once we were back, the children relaxed on the jetty, played hide and go seek in the massive garden and played with the ball until supper time.

After supper, Christoff, one of Grootbos’s guides talked to the children about the various animals we find within the fynbos ecosystem. He showed us examples of six antelope common to the area, porcupine, honey badgers, spotted genets, mongooses as well as some of the feline inhabitants such as the African wild cat, lynx and the recently spotted Grootbos leopard! We were very proud to be able to use some of the footage captured by the Landmark Foundation’s camera traps on Grootbos!

The next morning we had breakfast, cleaned up and headed home!

We want to thank Rozier for his hospitality and Natasha, Luisa and Jakob from the Football Foundation as well as Carina Nicholson, from Die Bron for joining us and a special thank you to Christoff, who took the time to talk to the children. We also want to thank Grootbos for providing the transport to and from the camp.

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