Dibanisa Ends off with a Camp

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 12th September 2012

Dibanisa Ends off with a Camp Our Dibanisa took place over the weekend and we tried something new! We collected the kids from Gansbaai Primêr and departed for Stellenbosch!

We stayed over at the Drie Gewels Bed and Breakfast, which forms part of the Sustainability Institute. Rooms were allocated and we started the preparations for dinner!

Deon and Susan were responsible, although we all helped! The girls also got involved and made fruit salad for dessert!

They also braaied a few marshmallows to end off the evening!

We got off to an early start, with breakfast provided the facility!

We visited Eagle Encounters at Spier, which was amazing! Eagle Encounters is a rehabilitation facility for birds of prey which are confiscated by the police, animal welfare or Cape Nature. The birds that are on display are part of the 35% of animals that cannot be rehabilitated due to injuries or other causes. At 11:00 we were privileged to watch a show presented by Anzio, who showed and told us more about yellow billed kites, barn owls, American Black Vultures and a Jackal Buzzard.

The highlight of the show, was when the barn owl jumped from hand to hand when all of the kids got the opportunity to touch the owl.

Our next stop was the Cheetah Outreach. We watched a video about the work of the facility and what they do. They started the tour with the showing us their Anatolian Shepard dogs who are bred in order to protect livestock on farms and therefore act as a deterrent to predatory animals. They showed us a variety of animals: bat eared foxes, caracal, servals, black backed jackals and meerkats. Unfortunately for us, the caracal and serval were hiding, but the caracal at least graced us with her presence and she was beautiful!

Lastly we were taken onto a platform to look into the cheetah runs. We were lucky to see two cubs, whom have only been at the facility for three days, playing.

We ended off our visit by going to the Strand, where the kids walked around and went to the beach. It was also time for our group photo!

We arrived home safely! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the kids begged us for another night!

We want to thank Deon, their teacher for accompanying us as well as Susan, Leán and the volunteers for contributing to an unforgettable experience!

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