Dibanisa Environmental Education Programme

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 10th March 2011

Dibanisa e.V., in partnership with Grootbos Foundation and the Football Foundation of South Africa, embarked on an exciting Environmental Education Programme for the youth of Gansbaai. The aim of the Dibanisa Programme is to teach children about the environment in a fun and practical way, whilst cultivating a love for nature and promoting social change. As part of this programme, sport is also used as a tool to address health and social issues.

The course entails a 7 week programme where excursions and lessons take place once a week. The curriculum will cover the following these themes and excursions:
1) The environment I live in: Ecosystems of Fynbos and the Ocean
2) The importance of plants: A visit to Green Futures Horticulture and Life Skills College, and Green Futures nursery
3) The ocean and pollution: A beach clean-up and lesson about recycling
4) Food production and sustainability: A visit to Growing the Future farm, learning about sustainable food production and healthy eating habits
5) Art activity: Creating art from recycled goods, and learning how to make a living by selling the art pieces
6) The ocean and its inhabitants: An eco boat trip to Dyer Island, learning more about the marine animals and birds
7) A nature-based camp that summarizes the 6-week curriculum and gives the students the opportunity to engage with each other about what they have learnt, and how they are going to make a difference.

The pilot programme was launched in October 2010 with great success, and the second course kicked off in February 2011. 20 Gr.7 learners are chosen by teachers from the respective schools in Gansbaai. There will be one course per term, giving boys and girls from the different schools in Gansbaai the opportunity to attend.

Thank you to Green Futures, Dyer Island Cruises and Dyer Island Conservation Trust for their generous support with this project.

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