Dibanisa Lesson 3.1: Marine Big 5

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 19th August 2011

Our Okkie Smuts kids were welcomed with something to eat and to drink!

Michelle spent time with the children, telling them more about our coast and the very special animals we find in our waters!

Michelle told us about the currents that influence our coast and we learnt more about the sharks, whales, dolphins, African penguins and seals that live off our coast. We learnt the differences between when an animal is critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and extinct. We learnt what influence humans have on the animal population and what we, as humans, have done to threaten the animal population. We also learnt that it is up to us to make a difference to the world we live in!

After our lesson, the children had the opportunity to put what they had learnt to use. The children completed a quiz, and received a prize for right answers. We also had a colouring competition, which Blessings won!

Michelle then took us on a walk so that we could go look for whales. Alas ... no whales! But everybody had a great time playing on the grass, beach and water!

We'd like to thank the Dyer Island Conservation Trust for their hospitality! A very special thank you goes to Brenda and Michelle making our visit possible! We also want to thank all of the volunteers for their assistance!

We look forward to our visit to Growing the Future next week and seeing Dollie, of course!

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