Dibanisa Lesson 3.4: Marine Big 5

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 8th May 2012

Last week's lesson took place at the Great White House in Kleinbaai and was presented by the Michelle Wcisel from the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. The girls learnt more about the Marine Big 5.

The girls were welcomed with cold drink and a hotdog each.

The lesson started with Michelle started off by telling the girls about a food chain. A food chain consists firstly of the sun, without which life on earth would not exist. The next level in the food chain is plants, then the animals that eat plants and then the plants that the animals that eat other animals.

Humans in turn, are at the 'top' of the food chain because they eat plants and animals. A food chain is, in actual fact, a food web as everything is interconnected. For each one of elements, one of the girls were chosen as a representative.

Michelle told the girls about the Marine Big 5: Sharks, whales, seals, dolphins and penguins as well as their conservation status.

Michelle also told the girls that the reason that Gansbaai has such diverse marine life is because of the mingling of the cold Bengeula current with the warm Agulhas current. She also told the girls abou the IUCN and what it means if an animal is on the list.

She showed the girls the most dangerous predator in the ocean.

i.e. the plastic bag/rubbish and encouraged the girls to throw their rubbish into bins.

The girls completed a quiz.
And Michelle handed out prizes for correct answers!

On our way home, Michelle and Ollie showed us a 15m whale skeleton that they are busy restoring and that will eventually be hung up in the Great White House!
We want to thank DICT for their hospitality and for organising the transport for the lesson, the Football Foundation coaches and volunteers for helping with supervision. On behalf of Dibanisa, we also want to welcome Nicky, who is new at DICT. We look forward to working with you!

We look forward to our lesson which will take place at Growing the Future on Friday!

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