Dibanisa Lesson 4: Creating Art out of the Environment

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 9th June 2011

On Friday, the 3rd of June, we had an Art Lesson with art teacher, Carla Gouws. The theme of the Art Lesson was to create art out of our environment.

We learnt more about the concepts of reducereuse and recycle and what it means to our environment. Carla shared her ideas of things to make from recycled products. Each child was given the opportunity to make a mobile, using part of a recycled roof sheet, fishing line, wood off-cuts, bottle caps and shells. The children painted their mobiles, creating their own brightly coloured, individual design! Each child got to take home their own beautiful mobile, which they made!

We would like to thank Carla for her time and the contribution that she has made to the programme! We would also like to thank our volunteers, Amy and Boris, who helped with supervision!

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