Dibanisa Lesson 4: Sustainable farming in Fynbos

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 29th August 2011

Last week's Dibanisa lesson consisted of a visit to Growing the Future where the Dibanisa children learnt more about sustainable farming within a fynbos environment.

Viola spoke to the children about sustainable and organic farming, which is practised at Growing the Future after which she took the kids on a walk through the Growing the Future vegetable gardens. The children also looked at the hothouse where the seedlings of different the different vegetables are propagated, the pig pen, the chicken coop and the compost heap where ëworm teaí (a type of organic fertiliser) is produced.

Once the children were done with their walk, Lise Bosman, a nutritionist from Gansbaai showed the kids how to make a healthy salad from spinach picked in the garden, tomatoes, pilchards, onions and eggs. Lise also told the children why each of these ingredients are important to their health. Once they were done, the kids enjoyed the salad that they had made!

We are looking forward to our art lesson that will take place at the Okkie Smuts School on Wednesday!

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