Dibanisa Lesson 4: Sustainability

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 5th March 2012

Last week’s Dibanisa lesson was about sustainability. We met at Growing the Future which teaches eight ladies to practice organic, sustainable agriculture annually.

Viola showed them around, telling the boys more about the project. Viola also showed the boys the hothouse, where the seeds are germinated,

the chicken coup where free range eggs are produced, the pigsty as well as the wormery where ‘worm tea’ is produced and used as organic fertiliser.

Susan started the lesson by telling the boys about the importance of water and that it is essential to life.

We then had the opportunity to go for a walk in the beautiful fynbos clad hills of Grootbos! Each boy received a bottle of water for our walk. Susan told the boys more about the fynbos, stopping at a sour fig plant to tell them that in case of emergencies, they can drink the juice of the sour fig.

At this point the boys had to finish their water or throw out what they have left over.
We also had the opportunity to see the solar pump which is responsible for pumping water into the dam which supplies the Growing the Future project. We walked to the dam, where the children had the opportunity to refill their water bottles for the rest of the walk.

When we got to the natural spring, it was empty, which apparently is the first time that this has happened since Susan’s involvement in Grootbos.

We would like to thank the Growing the Future team for showing the boys around and the volunteers who accompanied us on our walk and who organised transport back to Growing the Future!

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