Dibanisa Lesson 5: Creating Art Out of the Environment

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 21st May 2012

During last wee's lesson, the Dibanisa girls learnt more about creating art out of our environment, which was pesented by Carla Gouws, a local art teacher.

The lesson had two componets: an individual art work which consisted of a collage/mixed media as well as a group project.

The individual project was a sea themed art work. The girls each had to draw a big fish which they 'coloured' in with split peas, red lentils, rice and sago.

They coloured in the fins and back grounds with inks and pastels. The girls made beautiful pictures!

For the group project, which started working on a large fish! Carla created a base out of chicken wire and the girls started with the first step, which was to paper maché the 'fish'!

We look forward to seeing how the project develops!

We want to thank the municipality for allowing us to use the Sports centre and Carla for preparing and presenting the lesson, as well as the volunteers who were on hand to assist the children!

We look forward to our beach clean-up with the Dyer Island Conservation Trust which will take place on Friday!

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