Dibanisa: Beach Clean Up

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 6th December 2012

Michelle welcomed the kids with juice and hot dogs and explained about the purpose of cleaning up the beach.

The kids were divided into five groups, each with a volunteer as a guide. Michelle declared that we would not only be picking up trash from the beach but would function as “data detectives” as well, which means that we would be also recording the trash we found. This list was to be filled out by the volunteers and is sent to the authorities, who are able to track the way the trash came from down.

It was not about who is picking up the most, but also who is picking up the most interesting trash. So it became a competition to make it more appealing to the kids. Soon after arriving at the beach, the kids started in excitement to run along.

At the end, Michelle compared our garbage bags with the interesting items we found. It was a close competition that the boys’ group won.

Most interesting item was a glove found by a different group.

Michelle pointed out that the trash bags have been fuller the times before, which indicates the pleasant fact that this beach was not that trashed but rather clean.

By Sylvia Schuster
Grootbos Foundation Intern

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