First Dibanisa Group for 2012 Kicks Off!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 11th February 2012

Our first Dibanisa lesson for 2012 kicked off last week! One of the Maskhane 0/13 soccer teams have been selected as this term’s participants.

Our introductory lesson took place at the Gansbaai Sports Centre, where Susan presented the introductory lesson. We started with a pre-test which will enable us to see what the children have learnt during the term.

Susan told the children what the programme is about. She told the children about the two main ecosystems which we find in this area i.e. fynbos and coast.

As an illustration, each child drew a picture of a house, which represented an ecosystem.

The children then completed a puzzle, representing the differences between the fynbos and coastal ecosystems.

Susan then demonstrated the different components of the ecosystems by using different layers of coloured cups, representing the soil, plants, animals and humans. Susan asked one of the boys to remove the top cup representing humans, to illustrate that this will have no effect on the rest of the ecosystems.

However, if one of the bottom cups are removed, the whole ecosystem collapses, which has the greatest effect on human beings.

The boys then all went outside to play a game with the Football Foundation volunteers and coaches. The boys paired up and each team had a ball which represented the environment.

One person tried to shield the environment while the other person represented a disturbance trying to take the environment away.

Once again, we want to thank Susan, the Football Foundation Coaches and volunteers who helped with last week’s lesson!

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