Second Dibanisa Group for 2011 Kicks Off!

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 23rd May 2011

The second Dibanisa programme for 2011 kicked off with 20 students from the Masakhane primary school. The group visited Stanfordsbaai where they learnt about their role within the environment, and that every element in nature is interconnected. The students were also introduced to the two main ecosystems in the Gansbaai area i.e. coastal and fynbos. They learnt about elements which were dead and alive within the ecosystem and were given the opportunity to put what they had learnt to use. Each child had to collect an element which is dead and alive from the ocean and surrounding beach. Children were also taught their place within the ecosystem. The students made us very proud when not a single paper was thrown onto the beach!

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