Second Dibanisa Group for 2012 kicks off

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 25th April 2012

Last week saw the kick off of the second Dibanisa group for 2012. For this term, we have involved one of the Maskhane netball teams.

Our introductory lesson took place at the Gansbaai Tourism centre, where Susan Lochner told the girls more about the programme and what they will be doing. The girls started off with a pre-test to determine what they know.

Susan then told them about our two most important ecosystems in the Gansbaai area - the fynbos and marine ecosystems. Susan then asked the girls to draw a picture of the house that they live in, illustrating that fynbos is the house of plants and that the sea is the house of the marine ecosystem.

Susan taught the girls a song. The words are:

'We have eco, we have system, yes we have, yes we have, fynbos and ocean, fynbos and ocean, save them all, save them all'. Here is the link to the video.

Susan ended off her lesson by building a pyramid out of plastic cups, the bottom layer representing the earth, the second layer plants and the third layer animals. Right on top was a cup representing humans. Susan showed the girls what happens when you remove the humans i.e. everthing stays in tact. Susan then asked one of the girls to remove one of the cups. The whole pyramid collapsed and the cup representing humans fell the hardest.

We want to thank the Gansbaai Tourism centre for letting us use their facilities as well as all of the Football Foundation staff and volunteers for their assistance. We also want to thank Susan and Vuyiswa, one of the Green Futures students who assisted students and acted as translator.

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