Youth Zones donates computers

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 22nd March 2011

The Football Foundation joined hands with Youth Zones in a new computer training programme for the youth, to accompany the daily sports programmes. Youth Zones donated two specially designed and encased computers; the casing is made in such a way that the computers are hard-wearing and very durable. These computers will be used to train coaches and children from the local communities in basic computer and internet usage. Thanks to Erhardt Engelbrecht from Seaview Media, we now have unlimited internet access at the Gansbaai Communal Sports Centre clubhouse.

More about the Youth Zone Legacy Network:

The Youth Zone Legacy Network has been established to ensure a sustainable impact of the 2010 World Cup in the lives of South African youths. The aim is to build friendships and share ideas that could help us better our own lives.

They recognize that a safe and equitable society is one where young people feel valued and where they have hope because of real opportunities and choices available to them.

The 15 youth zones are very different and instead of fearing the differences, they want to learn from the diversity. At each youth zone they focus on: FOOTBALL, LIFE-SKILLS & COMPUTER LITERACY.

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