Wine Tasting in the Overberg

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 13th June 2011

Wine Tasting in the Overberg

Gansbaai showed itself from its best side with the sun beaming down. I was picked up with a quantum and together we set off to the town of Hermanus and the Hemel en Aarde Valley. It was Grootbos staff William, Lana, Bennet, Vivien and Lieben. The first stop on our little wine tour was Hermanuspietersfontein; here a former employee of Grootbos gave us a tour of the winery, which they rarely do. We got to taste five of their marvellous wines, my favourite a Rhone-style wine called “Die Martha”.

Then we started our climb up the valley and found the way to the well renowned Bouchard Finlayson. Here we tried a wide range of wines, from crisp white Chenin Blanc blends onto wooded Chardonnay and to my favourite, their Pinot Noir that is high in acidity and fruit. Our fantastic driver Lieben took us further up the valley and the scenery was breathtaking, with the hilltops bathing in sunshine.

After a brief moment of praying for our lives we arrived at Ataraxia the place for peace and quiet. Their wine tasting room is located on a hilltop in the shape of a chapel and as first time visitors we got to ring the chapel bell, to determine how much wine we were to be given. I am sorry to say that my bell ringing skills need to improve. But even if the bell ringing wasn’t our strong side we were allowed wine and what wines, beautiful!

Ataraxia’s Serenity is the new love of my life, a red blend where the grape variety is a secret and changing for every vintage, genius. If someone gave me this wine to test blindly I would have said: Bordeaux. This 2007 vintage has a long time of maturation ahead but is really drinkable now.

Our time ran out and we had to start our trip down the valley with only one more stop before home: the Wine Village, the shop that has all the wine you need and more. I bought four bottles and I don’t really know how to get them with me home to Sweden.

This was a fantastic way to spend a Thursday in May!

At the pen

Siri, Sommelier intern at Grootbos

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