3 ways of whale watching in one day!

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 28th July 2011

Grootbos is the only destination in the world where you can do three ways of whale watching in one day: from land, from sea, and from air!

Ladies and gentlemen, as we said in a prevoius blog post, the whales are finally here - all the way from icy Antarctica! Please give a WARM welcome to Primera and the Southern Right Whales for another 6 month long Whale Festival on the Gansbaai water stage! Ringside tickets for the best views from land, sea or air are now available at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. The good news is – it is a mammoth stage with gigantic performers.

Scene 1: Views from land

The best land-based spots for close-up views of these intriguing mammals are the rocky outcrops along the walkways in De Kelders. The sheltered bays and coves in Walker Bay are their romantic love nests - this is where they court, mate and give birth. Now is the time that they romance and impress their potential partner with grandiose manoeuvres such as lob-tailing, breaching and tail-slapping. Their romantic whale songs can often be heard for miles - especially in the quiet late night hours. No matter where you are along the Gansbaai coastline, chances are good that you will spot the tell-tale splashing and unmistakable tails sticking out like beacons as they cavort in the waves. Later, once they've calved, you will watch spellbound as mothers, calves and energetic bulls come to within metres of the rocky shoreline. Grootbos specialized guides will accompany you to your ringside seats at De Kelders rocks for the best whale views on earth.

Scene 2: Views from sea

Although these southerners are hard to miss, measuring up to 16 m and weighing up to 80 tons, their water stage is too big to see them all from land. Boat cruises taking you backstage offer the ideal opportunity to see even those who suffer from stage-fright interact freely with co-stars and fans such as Bryde’s whales, dolphins, seals and sharks. Few things compare to the thrill of watching these giants frolicking and lob-tailing at close range. They often follow the boats, enthralling fans with mesmerizing shows. A cruise on the specialised Whale Whisperer also allows you close-up views of the Great White Shark and African Penguins that abound around Dyer Island. Book now your tickets at Grootbos through Dyer Island Cruises for the closest encounter ever with the Marine Big 5!

Scene 3: Views from air

Only from the sky is it possible to comprehend the size and magnitude of the Southern Right theatre group performing in our waters. To view up to 160 of these stately creatures traversing the multi-hued ocean, framed by mountains and sandy beaches, is an unbelievable experience. The magical sea world around Gansbaai also teems with wildlife, making it one of the best ‘game viewing’ spots in the world. Together with African Wings, Grootbos gives you wings to experience the freedom of the skies and the ultimate Whale of a Show!

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