First Southern Right Whale of 2012!

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 17th April 2012

Hello whale-watching-lovers. Do you remember Primera?

The first female Southern Right Whale we spotted last year with her calf in the cozy bay of De Kelders. This year she beat her own record by seven days when she showed up on the 12th of April happily swimming and blowing close to the shore as if to say hello again. We really wonder why she still heads for the deeper sea every year and does not just stay with us all year long :-).

Official whale season will only start in June and last till December so we are very fortunate at Grootbos to enjoy a whale watching experience this early. Come late May/early June when the rest of our friendly giants of the ocean arrive to give birth in the warmer waters of the Walker Bay, it is going to be a blast doing land-, water- and even air-based whale watching. Come and join us!

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