The Art of Mushroom Foraging

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 21st October 2016
As children we are continuously reminded that most mushrooms in the wild are poisonous and we should stay away. Without the proper knowledge, how are we to know the difference?

Secrets Of Nature - Gifts from the Earth

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 17th October 2016
Declared as one of the six floral kingdoms of the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom has over 9000 species of flowering fynbos plants within an area of 90 000km². At least 70% of these species can only be found in...

Secrets Of Nature

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 6th October 2016
Lining the paths of Grootbos, colourful Gazania Pectinata (Daisies) paint a picture of perfection. Their transcendent shades of yellow and orange create feelings of warmth and happiness whilst accompanying a single white spot on each petal. These distinctive patterns and colours mimic one of their key pollinators ? The Monkey Beetle.

The Princess and the Pea

Posted under Honeymoon Blog by Grootbos on 2nd August 2016
Yolande Coetzer, Lodge Manager at Grootbos, tells us how she searched high and low for the most dreamy beds fit for royalty and guests of Grootbos...

Artists in Residence - 'Mies'

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 6th May 2016
Mies was our Artist in Residence in April and we chatted to her about the experience...

Local Artists Offer Artworks for Charity Event at Grootbos

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 15th December 2015
Local artists have offered their artworks for auction at the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra charity event at Grootbos on 16 December, 2015.
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