The Reason for Grootbos Five Star Experience

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 10th January 2017
Having worked as a front desk receptionist, I can say from experience that the people at Grootbos look after their staff very well, which makes us want to stay for as long as possible. At least 40% of the staff have remained with the reserve for 5 to 10 years, which is rare in the....

Christmas At Grootbos

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 23rd December 2016
The Grootbos family has pulled out all the stops to get our guests into the festive spirit from the décor to the food; including a few special Christmas treats. Also, there?s an added bonus of daily activities and adventures...

A Feast of Fynbos

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 20th December 2016
Together with Head Chef Benjamin Conradie and Executive Sous Chef Benyamin Booysen, we invited a group of handpicked individuals knowledgeable in the art of...

Summer Delights

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 13th December 2016
Summer is here and we are ready to get things started here at Grootbos. We love what we do, and we love sharing that love with you. We always strive to create the best experience for not only our guests, but for everyone at Grootbos. Our staff is constantly seeking ways on how to improve themselves and the Grootbos experience.

Cheese Please

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 2nd December 2016
A good food and wine pairing can rarely go without combining the tastes of wine with a selection of cheeses. The quality of locally produced cheese in the Greater Overberg area surrounding Grootbos is outstanding and makes for a memorable tasting experience.

The Art of Mushroom Foraging

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 21st October 2016
As children we are continuously reminded that most mushrooms in the wild are poisonous and we should stay away. Without the proper knowledge, how are we to know the difference?
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