#FriendsOfGrootbos: Exclusive Interview with Sarah Khan

Posted under Grootbos Exclusive Interview Series by Grootbos on 28th February 2014
Find out more about Sarah Khan, New Yorker turned Capetonian, in these 7 questions.

The Birkenhead Memorial

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 26th February 2014
Today is the Birkenhead Memorial, which was a royal navy ship that sunk on 26 February 1852. Find out why this particular ship stood out from the other 140 ships that sunk along the coastline of the Southern tip of Africa.

A Guide to Grootbos' Heart

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 24th February 2014
In celebration of International Tourist Guide Day we decided to show our appreciation for our own guides at Grootbos.

If you don't know these Overberg artists you're missing out.

Posted under #discoverOverberg by Grootbos on 21st February 2014
From artists that work with metals frames to pottery and paint, the list of talent that can be found in the Overberg is unbelievable.

An Intimate Photo Journey into Fynbos: Part 2

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 19th February 2014
We are celebrating the perennial beauty and intriguing nature of fynbos with a photo series and five fun facts. You won't even believe just how 'cool' fynbos actually is!

From Maui to SA: Celebrating the Gentle Giants of the Ocean

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 17th February 2014
It was World Whale Day on 15th February 2014 and we wanted to pay tribute to one of our favourite marine mammals.
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