Our 7 Top Treats for 2014

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 7th January 2014
Our 7 Top Treats are a must for any 2014 bucket list.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 20th December 2013
As 2013 comes to a close we would like to wish everyone a splendid Festive Season and thank all for their ongoing support.

Your #Grootbos Moments [Week 51]

Posted under Your #Grootbos Moments by Grootbos on 17th December 2013
From a family holiday to travelers taking videos we had quite an array of experiences at Grootbos this past week.

#FriendsOfGrootbos: Exclusive Interview with Jeanne Horak-Druiff

Posted under Grootbos Exclusive Interview Series by Grootbos on 13th December 2013
Born in South Africa and residing in London, Jeanne has an award-winning taste for everything delicious and we wanted to know what makes her tick.

2013 SAWi Award Evening - Where it all started.

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 11th December 2013
SAWi Awards are gradually becoming the most prestigious award any winery or wine-master could be granted. It is the world's first algorithm for measuring quality wine, they don't even taste it! Read more.

Your #Grootbos Moments [Week 50]

Posted under Your #Grootbos Moments by Grootbos on 9th December 2013
From guest appearances as far back as July and as recent as this morning, we have a range of images. They all have one thing in common however: giggles and smiling faces.
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