How to Enjoy the Honeymoon Bliss

Posted under Honeymoon Blog by Grootbos on 23rd October 2013
After the immense stress of planning a wedding and the overwhelming joy of the actual wedding day, the honeymoon is the time to relax and soak in the moment with the one you love. We show you just how you can do just that at Grootbos.

Your #Grootbos Moments [Week 43]

Posted under Your #Grootbos Moments by Grootbos on 17th October 2013
This week we had 4 guests sharing the magic. The highlight was Dawn Jorgensen showing us what it was like to learn how to make honey (with bee suit and all!) with Growing the Future. What a thrill!

6 Ways for Parents to Catch a Break This Summer

Posted under Family Blog by Grootbos on 16th October 2013
Family holidays are about reconnecting with your loved ones and sharing laughs. It should also be time for parents to relax. At Grootbos we have an incredible amount of activities to keep the kids entertained that you will finally have a chance to put your feet up and quietly soak in the view.

Your #Grootbos Moments [Week 42]

Posted under Your #Grootbos Moments by Grootbos on 14th October 2013
This week our guests enjoyed trips to ancient caves, 4x4 flower safaris, more whales and soaked up the stunning views! Some truly amazing moments.

Selected Recipe: A Quick and Easy Version of Moules Marinieres

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Candice Bresler on 11th October 2013
Candice Bresler takes us ever closer to the ocean with this supremely delicious and mouth-watering dish of Mussels in a white wine and cream sauce, served with a baguette.

#FriendsOfGrootbos: Exclusive Interview with Tandy Sinclair

Posted under Grootbos Exclusive Interview Series by Grootbos on 9th October 2013
Tandy Sinclair is the writer behind Lavender and Lime where she lets her taste buds explore the flavours of food and her pencil do the write up. We wanted to know what makes Grootbos 'tick' in her eyes.
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