Selected Recipe - Beetroot Tart Tatin with Thyme Strawberries and Goat's Cheese Cream

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Candice Bresler on 2nd August 2013
Since I view most things with an 'edible eye' I wanted to try and translate these colours into a dish. Knowing that the scenery would far outdo any attempt of mine, I tried to keep it simple - a Beetroot Tart Tatin with Thyme Strawberries and Goat?s Cheese Cream.

Photo of the Day - Five Star Luxury in the Overberg

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 31st July 2013
Forest Lodge is the contemporary accommodation on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. It is the ideal romantic getaway in the Western Cape that promises to be memorable.

Photo of the Day - Discover Mystery and Intrigue at the Southern Tip of Africa

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 29th July 2013
The Southern Tip of Africa is the tumultuous meeting point of two great oceans - the Indian and Atlantic. Countless sailors have steered their ships into the jutting rocks and met a perilous ending along the merciless coastline. Hear the echoes of old tales comes to life.

Photo of the Day - The Ideal Time to Shark Cage Dive

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 26th July 2013
Winter may mean hibernation for some, but for thrill-seekers there is an epic adventure waiting in Gansbaai. Journey to Grootbos for five-star luxury and shark cage diving!

Photo of the Day - Take to the Skies for a New Perspective

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 24th July 2013
Discover the enchanting beauty of the Overberg on a Panoramic Flight with Grootbos. View valleys, mountains, vineyards, shipwrecks, whales and sharks from great heights.

Winter Wonderland - Free time has never been so luxurious

Posted under Travel Blog by Candice Bresler on 22nd July 2013
The concept of free time is a strange thing. We rush out of work at 17h00 looking forward to a relaxing evening, perhaps an early night but between drinks invitations and dinner with the family, life does not stop. Sure, it is not work, but then it is not really free time when every minute of it is still planned.
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