Photo of the Day - Discover Mystery and Intrigue at the Southern Tip of Africa

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 29th July 2013

The Southern tip of Africa is the tumultous meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic ocean. The defiant waves crash against jutting rocks and the ominous combination has resulted in a maritime graveyard. More than 140 ships have been devoured by the wild conditions and the bow of some of the ships can be spotted protruding from the depth of the ocean as a monument to the countless sailors that lost their lives.

The Birkenhead, which sunk at Danger Point in Gansbaai, is the most famous of all the ships because it was the first to employ the 'women and children first' protocol. The men on board where mostly soldiers and they stood in solemn formation, awaiting their pending death as the women and children made their way to safety. There were 638 passengers aboard the Birkenhead but only 193 survived, every woman and child survived. 


A stay at Grootbos is more than just indulgence, it can be a cultural journey into the bewildering history of the Southern tip of Africa

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