Video of the Week - Sunsets Timelapse

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 27th June 2012

A spectacular sunset does to the inner eye what fine music does to the inner ear . . . it triggers an invisible cord that is sublimely strung and spun inside the soul. A sunset speaks to everyone, using colour, contrast and configuration so masterly that even words become ablated by its sheer beauty.

Standing on the sprawling heights of Grootbos Nature Reserve while the sun dons its sUnsational nighttime attire is like watching a magician casts a spell over ocean and mountains that saturates the horison with otherwordly colours. The sun's unique repertoire of bedtime rituals is both as perennial and fleeting as time. It changes constantly with the flow of the tides and the seasons, like a matryoshka doll revealing layer upon layer of secret shapes and exquisitely blend colour combinations.

At Grootbos, winter is a heartwarming sunsational season

During cold, cloudy winter months, the sun's evening attire changes to bold, bright and fiery outfits . . . as if to challenge the cold by draping the horison in flames of red, orange and yellow. Nothing warms the heart and body more than sharing a glass of red wine around a cozy fireplace while watching how a red-hot sun sets a stormy sea ablaze . . . right in front of you!

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