7 Questions with #FriendsOfGrootbos: Exclusive Interview with Raymond Walsh

Posted under Grootbos Exclusive Interview Series by Grootbos on 9th January 2014

Introducing some Masculinity Amongst the Beautiful Array of Femininity

Thus far most of our exclusive interviews with friends of Grootbos have all been (very inspiring) ladies. We thought it was about time to show a male blogger that has visited us. Through these questionairres we hope to create awareness about the incredible people that have stayed at our 5 star lodge and want to know what makes them tick. So let's find out more about this gentleman.

Introducing Raymond Walsh, The Man on the Lam

Raymond Walsh was once your average Canadian citizen. Things were good. Good job, good car, good friends, good house....but it wasn't great. For a man with boundless ambition for true happiness and a serious dislike for 'settling', he quit his job and has been on the road (or on the lam as some may think) and blogging about it since 2011.

We were honoured to be a feature on his itinerary and are excited to hear about his upcoming adventures. 


1. When did you start blogging and why (what does it mean to you)?

I started blogging on January 1, 2011. I started because I was looking for a change in my life. This post pretty much sums up the why:  http://manonthelam.com/growing-old-before-my-time/

2. What do you do besides blogging (do you have another job)?

Blogging has been my full-time job since July, 2011.

3. How would you best describe Grootbos in six words or less?

Peaceful. Amazing. Scenic. Indulgent. Great staff.

4. What was your favourite Grootbos experience? What's next on your Grootbos Bucket List?

I loved Klipgat Cave! The horseback riding was a lot of fun too. Next up – shark cage diving!

5. In your experience, what makes Grootbos unique from other Luxury Travel Destinations?

The difference here is the stunning setting as well as the level of service.

6. If you could be one member of the Marine Big 5 (Great White Shark, Southern Right Whale, Cape Fur Seal, African Penguin or Dolphin) which would it be?


7. Please provide a reason to your answer in question #6 above (why did you choose the animal you chose)?

They’re friendly, likeable, playful, and like me – they’re always smiling. :)



READ HIS POST ABOUT GROOTBOS: Exploring South Africa's Klipgat Cave



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