The World Saw Natural Beauty
We Saw An Opportunity.
Who We Are

It was in 1991 that the Lutzeyer family first set eyes on a small farm on the fynbos slopes overlooking Walker Bay – and they couldn’t believe the beauty they saw. In 1994 Michael sold his business interests in Cape Town and decided to develop a bed and breakfast on the site for local visitors, not knowing that soon he would be attracting visitors from across the globe. Since then, through a combination of hard work, enthusiasm, vision and strong family cooperation, the Lutzeyers have turned the reserve into a world leader in progressive luxury tourism, transforming the lives of community members and preserving 3500 hectares of botanical and wildlife treasures.

Progressive And All Inclusive
Is The Only Way Forward
What we believe

We do not just conserve the environment. We are deeply integrated and supportive within our eco-system, constantly pioneering new paths

We go beyond simply conserving this pristine wilderness we call home. We’re constantly researching, innovating and pioneering new ways of doing things, and winning many eco-tourism awards along the way.

Our reserve offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the unique fynbos kingdom and ancient forest of Grootbos, featuring 907 plant species, 118 bird species, 29 mammals and 21 amphibians – some of which are under threat of extinction.

Everyone Wants To Achieve True Peace.
We Do It By Living In Harmony With Nature.
More than a luxury travel experience

One-of-a-kind experiences

Our carefully curated experiences offer you the chance to grow, learn and discover. Whether it's spotting whales and their calves in the ocean, learning how bees pollinate flowers or meeting passionate people changing the world, you'll have your eyes opened - as well as your heart.

An organic way of life

The freshest air, the cleanest water and the clearest views: a stay at Grootbos is a glimpse into a truly organic life. Much of the food we serve is grown right here on our reserve and you can taste this in every mouthful.

Ultimate relaxation

Soak up the sun, enjoy the fragrant smell of fynbos in the air and let our beautiful surroundings do its magic. There is an abundance of pleasure here to soothe your body and mind. 

Unparalleled luxury combines with a natural and enlightened way of living, to give you deeper connections to the earth, other people and yourself.

Community, Staff, Guests,
People Are Why We Do This.
Meet Them

To date, 335 interns and volunteers from across the world have journeyed to work with the Grootbos Foundation and helped to change the lives of many in the process.

Each year, students from the Green Futures College get the opportunity of a lifetime as they head to work at the renowned tourist attraction, the Eden Project, in Cornwall, UK

Initiatives put in place by the Grootbos Foundation reach about 3000 deep impact beneficiaries annually.

Take a sip of mountain spring water. Relax in a bath by candlelight. Simply by staying at Grootbos, you’re helping uplift local people and their families by supporting small businesses.


Grootbos invites you to experience our country's most precious floral biome and marine wilderness like never before. Enjoy unique guided experiences while being treated to five-star luxury at our lodges and villas. We offer South African residents an exclusive discounted rate and additional benefits.